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What is Artisan Direct?

Artisan Direct is a sales, marketing and e-commerce company that offers promotion and support services to artists, art galleries and museums worldwide.

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What does Artisan Direct do?

The Company is devoted to helping artists increase their business through additional art gallery representation, art show participation, co-operative advertising and other marketing plans. Artisan Direct seeks to increase the exposure of the artist’s body of work and dramatically increase the artist’s opportunity of being featured by more galleries.

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How does Artisan Direct represent and promote artists?

It is Artisan Direct’s main focus to secure art gallery representation for the artist throughout the United States. We have access to these galleries through a proprietary art gallery database that we have developed.

Our sales technique is somewhat unique because Artisan Direct is capable of getting the artist’s information, including images, bio and exhibition lists, in front of as many as 10,000 art galleries. The great thrust of Artisan Direct’s selling is through web and e-mail marketing pieces that will be sent to gallery directors and owners as many as a dozen times throughout a year and with slight tweaks each time a marketing piece is sent. In addition, Artisan Direct will speak to gallery directors and owners and send direct mail marketing materials to many galleries in order to secure gallery representation for the artist.

Artisan Direct creates a platform for success for the artist and building a marketing plan that an artist can use as a game plan going forward. Each artist is unique with different skills, different mediums, and produces a body of work that requires a special plan and distribution.

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How has Artisan Direct successfully promoted other artists?

The simplest example is to use one of the artists that Artisan Direct represents and explain how we market that person.

Gisela Pferdekaemper, a German/American artist living in South Florida, is a committed artist who has created her own individual style that mixes whimsy and surrealism in a figurative manner. She asked our help in creating a program to find galleries and art shows to exhibit her work as well as creating a marketing plan that used direct mail pieces and hand outs to support the efforts of the galleries representing her.

We decided on a program that best fit Gisela. First, we placed Gisela in a number of galleries with whom we have relations, that will best identify with Gisela’s type of work.

We created a package of information on Gisela that is currently being sent out to approximately 2500 galleries throughout the United States.

A decision was made to take Gisela’s work to a number of Art Shows in to sell, expose and introduce Gisela to the art trade. Lastly, Artisan Direct created professional marketing materials that were distributed to galleries and prospective art buyers who aligned with Gisela’s type of art.

What has the success been for Gisela?

To date, we have secured six galleries which are a good match for Gisela’s work; taken her to two art shows with six more planned; introduced her to the marketplace and generated significant interest in her work; and have begun creating marketing materials that can be used in her campaign. Although the process of marketing Gisela takes time, we are making steady progress.

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Is Artisan Direct interested in promoting my artwork?

YES! We are looking for additional artists to represent. We identified your work through our database management system and feel your work is superior and should be marketed and sold nationally. We don’t contact an artist unless we believe we can successfully sell the artist’s work.

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What is Artisan Direct’s marketing strategy?

The Company combines traditional face to face meetings with gallery directors and direct mail marketing with e-mail marketing to canvas as many as 10,000 art galleries throughout the United States and Europe.

Of course, Artisan Direct doesn’t usually market to every one of them at one time, but it can. Based on an artist’s style and media, Artisan Direct combs through its database and chooses what kind of gallery would like to be represented: size, location, state, discipline, etc. and then markets as aggressively as possible.

Artisan Direct will send out a well conceived, professionally produced marketing piece with a variety of templates to the gallery as many times as we think appropriate.

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How much does the program cost?

Artisan Direct receives compensation by taking a percentage of sales that it influences. We typically take twenty five percent, which is added to the cost of the work of art before it is priced to a gallery. With very expensive art, Artisan Direct can be flexible with its commissions. The Company also splits the cost of producing marketing materials, working with a graphic artist, printing, postage and any other sundry cost which is extremely important as part of the marketing plan. The artist’s share will be between $500 and $750. That cost is a one time cost.

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How can I view additional marketing pieces that Artisan Direct has prepared?

A full package of materials has been prepared for those artists who want to see some of the printed materials we use in our marketing scheme.

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How do I enroll in Artisan Direct?

If you have an interest in participating in our artist representation program and to begin building a successful sales campaign, please contact Customer Service online or call 585-586-3535.

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Artisan Direct, Limited. 82 Callingham Road, Pittsford, NY 14534. Telephone 585-586-3535, Fax 585-586-8555, e-mail: info at artisan direct L T D dot net