art fairs & exhibitions: join us at the show!

Gain National Exposure for your Work

Artists benefit greatly from the exposure provided by participating in Art Shows and Fairs. We offer the opportunity to do so without the logistics hassle, and for a lower cost than artists can present on their own.

Artisan Direct manages all aspects of each show, including: promotions, exhibition and sales of an artist’s work, handling all art show related functions, except for the transport of the art to and from the show.

Additionally, we work with artists in choosing art, and advising and coaching them every step of the way to get their best results. Artisan Direct offers its art show involvement to all artists affiliated and in good standing with us. We then market our show participation to all of the galleries and art resources affiliated with the Company for them to help promote our participation as well.

Upcoming Shows

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Why Participate?

  • It’s an opportunity to exhibit your original art at nationally-recognized events. By bringing your art to a targeted audience of art buyers, you come that much closer to making better sales.
  • To demonstrate your commitment about being an artist
  • To participate in a world-class show attracting the serious attention of a targeted and equally committed audience of art galleries, collectors, critics, consultants, other related art resources, media interest and art venues from around the world.
  • To add this impressive venue to your existing résumé
  • To network with other artists and galleries and make valuable new contacts.
  • To have the opportunity of generating significant and multiple sales.

Why do it with us?

  • Your participation is at a price significantly less than an independent artist would pay to show in the same Fair.
  • All sales, marketing and administrative tasks are handled by Artisan Direct freeing you from all the details involved.
  • Main floor participation with optimal location at a high-end art show
  • Sales, marketing and administrative tasks handled by us
  • Full handling of all the logistics of your appearance at the show
  • Support in choosing, preparing and shipping your work to the show.
  • Advice in getting the most benefit from your participation in each show
  • While you are encouraged to be there, your attendance is optional as we exhibit, promote and sell your work.

Participation in a show with Artisan Direct typically costs $500 — $2500.

Contact your Artisan Direct Artist Representative for more information about our upcoming plans to learn how you can be a part of them!