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Artisan Direct at Art San Diego 2014

The Event

Event: Art San Diego 2014 Contemporary Art Show
Dates: November 6—9, 2014
Location: Balboa Park
2145 Park Boulevard
San Diego, CA 92101
Cost: $2150 for 10’ high × 7’ wide space
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Prospectus: Download [PDF]
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After a successful fifth edition in 2013, the stage for ART SAN DIEGO 2014 is Balboa Park, a 1,200-acre cultural and recreational oasis in the heart of San Diego — the largest such urban park in America. Balboa Park features a wide variety of museums, exhibitions, performing arts, world-famous gardens, recreational facilities, restaurants, and other attractions that serve over 12 million visitors annually. ART SAN DIEGO 2014 aims to insert itself as a key actor in this production, nurturing and strengthening San Diego’s art scene with a dynamic agenda.

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