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We currently offer four options of e-mail marketing template to display your work. The looks are consistent in order to provide consistent branding from Artisan Direct, but the layouts are somewhat different based on your different needs. Click on any of the small images to learn more.

Template 1

template #1: 12 small images, one large

This is our default layout. There are 12 thumbnail-sized images to the left and one large to the right, below these are an introduction to your work, and, optionally, a brief list of exhibitions. The selected images vary from month to month, so that each month a new piece is highlighted.

Sample: Patricia Brintle.

Template 2

template #2: one large image

This layout is for the artist who wishes to make an impact with a single image that is larger than can be presented in the other formats. This can be a fixed image of your choosing, or can vary from month to month.

Sample: Ellen Sherman-Zinn.

Template 3

template #3: three medium images

This layout is for an artist who wishes to display larger versions of 3 images at a time. This layout fits best if the artist’s work is primarily in the “portrait” format, that is, taller than it is wide.

Sample: Joseph Castle.

Template 4

template #4: five small and one large images

This is a variation, typically for artists for whom fewer than than 12 images have been submitted.

Sample: Tara Benet.

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