New Network Member To-Do List

Welcome to the Artisan Direct network! To be able to develop your personal web presence on our site, and to begin your promotion, we need you to take the following steps:

1. Please sign “Letter Agreement” and send to Artisan Direct.

2. Please compile the following information needed for your interactive web page:

  • a 500 word or less bio/statement in English;
  • an optional list of up to 20 most noteworthy exhibitions you have participated in;
  • optionally: awards, publications and other notable information;
  • up to 21 images, preferably minimum 1000 pixels wide and high;
  • catalog information on each image, including the price you would like to sell the work for. Include title, medium, year painted or constructed, size, signed or unsigned;
  • all of the above information in a digital format such as Word, PDF or Rich Text;
  • a digital photo of yourself, either a headshot or studio shot (optional);
  • from the images you send us, please select one as the lead image to be used next to your name in the “our artist” section.

3. Please e-mail and/or send this information to our web provider, Ross Bracco. You can contact him at . He can create an upload channel for you to send him materials online, and/or a mailing address to deliver your materials.

  • Please choose an e-mail template from our four current options;
  • Please choose among the art classifications that we have under “our artists” and chose a classification or up to four classifications for your work. If you feel your work is part of a category which is not listed, feel free to suggest a new one to be added.

Actions that we will take

  • We will develop your interactive web page and e-mail marketing using the materials you provide;
  • Artisan Direct will then decide who among the many art galleries that I personally know who to solicit to;
  • Artisan Direct will then agree with you on an initial database that your information will be e-marketed to;
  • Artisan Direct will then agree with you on an e-marketing schedule.

Artisan Direct, Limited. 82 Callingham Road, Pittsford, NY 14534. Telephone 585-586-3535, Fax 585-586-8555, e-mail: info at artisan direct L T D dot net