News from Cleveland

We just got back from Cleveland after a very grueling, hectic and what we believe was a very successful week in Cleveland. As you know, we opened our first brick and mortar gallery in Cleveland with a preview party on Thursday night followed by the Ingenuity Fest Show on Friday.

The Gallery opening was wonderful! More than 200 people came to a simple preview opening to see our flagship gallery. Food was served and we had an opportunity to meet a number of artists who were participating in Ingenuity Fest Cleveland. A number of Cleveland City officials attended as well as people wishing us well. The Gallery’s grand opening will be October 26th, 2012 where we will have one hell of an official opening. All of the participants in the show also had an opportunity to display their art, photography and sculpture in the gallery for the opening. Pictures will be sent to all participants.

Ingenuity Fest Cleveland was in my mind a nice venue for each artist to get great exposure, meet fellow artists and generate some business. The show was a three day event and saw more than 45,000 people look at our artist’s work. We were the primary art gallery during the event and clearly generated the most excitement. My partner Giancarlo Calicchia had just finished his master piece - Genesis, a 26’ long wooden sculpture, that was breathtaking. Nancy Wise also brought a work that was eighteen feet high by sixteen foot wide. What a piece and thousands of people were absolutely delighted by it. Artists who sold at show included -

  • Joel Moens de Hase
  • George “Sen One” Morillo
  • Roberto Jose
  • Mimi Becker
  • Benjamin Soehnel
  • Christine Ferrari
  • Tom Lund-Lack

We continue to talk with a number of people who were interested in other artist’s work and we will continue to negotiate with them. More than fifty percent of art work sold at a show come after the show.

Special thanks go out to two of our people from the Cleveland Gallery, Kristin Oberhaus and Tim Jefferies who tirelessly worked all week getting ready for the opening and the show. Also, a special thanks to Mimi Becker, one of our new artists who also helped with the show. Her enthusiasm and caring was contagious.

We are now off to our Pop Up Show in NYC on October 3rd as well as opening of our second brick and mortar gallery in Port Jefferson, NY on October 13th, 2012. Hope to see you in New York.