Saratoga and Rochester Quick comments to our artists


Over the last two consecutive weeks Artisan Direct held Art Shows in Saratoga Springs and Rochester, New York. This was the first time we promoted and produced shows in these cities. Artisan Direct believes there is a vibrant market for shows in mid-size markets like Rochester and Saratoga. Additional cities like Pittsburgh, Buffalo, Syracuse and Albany, New York, are under consideration. Costs can be controlled and plentiful resources are available through our interior art space in Rochester.

For the most part the shows mirrored each other. They were housed in venues between 5,000—6,000 square feet, no more than twenty five artists featured; each of the artists had ample hanging space and a concerted promotional effort including newspaper, radio, social media and other methods of getting the word out. Each location had Thursday night cocktail parties followed by four days of open Show hours. I would estimate that about 3000—4000 people attended each event with 5-6 artists selling at each show. Typical price points offered were between $500—$6000 dollars with art work mostly selling for less than $2000.

I think it was a great first step in identifying ourselves as a serious promoter of high quality art. Lessons were learned. Both Saratoga and Rochester prefer Friday night cocktail parties over Thursday. Attendance during the weekdays was much lower than Saturday and Sunday. Going forward, we will have a year to prepare and lay the groundwork for the future. We will continue to push the envelope, look for future locations where we can sell and market your work. We will be investigating a series of 2014 summer venues in the northeast where we believe we can sell.

Pictures were taken, and as soon as I recover from two back-to-back shows, I will send. You know, I’m not getting any younger! Also, those artists who sold will be notified with full details.


Images from Saratoga Springs.